Chisamba Project

The property lies within the Central province of Zambia in Chisamba.  Geological surveys have been carried on the property in the past. Twelve reports and one regional map (Geological Society of Zambia) have been used to add value to this compilation.

The concession lies in the Central Province in Chisamba, 226km North east of Lusaka. The licence area is easily accessible by road with the Lusaka-Kabwe high way passing through the centre of the claim.

Figure 1 below shows Chisamba prospect Topographic location:

The prospect covers an estimated 2000Ha and is wholly owned by Magna Mining.

Figure 2 below shows Chisamba Licence 25364-HQ-LEL _Boundaries (red polygon below):

One iron mine Chisamba iron Mine lies within the HQ 24896 HQ_ LEL block.

Exploration stage:  General

Mineral Resource Potential:
Iron:  Large iron horizons have been mapped in the Chisamba formation. Mwomboshi mine (an old high grade iron mine lies within the prospect). Two samples were collected and sent for analysis and averaged 91.19% iron with less than 5% silica.

Gold: Quartz carbonate veins pregnant with gold have been mapped within the Chisamba schist, averaging 8.8g/t over an average width of 7cm.

Copper:  Several occurrences have been mapped in the region mostly hosted in the Katanga formations. Within the licence the potential for copper is low the area is hosted in granitic gneissic complex of Kundelungu age, a non typical geological setting for copper mineralisation in Zambia.

Graphite: Fine grained Chisamba sericite schist contains appreciable amount of graphite.

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