Company Overview

Magna Mining Limited is focused on rapid transformation of exploration projects into productive mining assets.

– Magna Mining Limited has a long standing presence on the ground within Zambia.
– Magna Mining (PVT Ltd) is focused on establishing a portfolio of productive assets in Zambia.
– We aim to give shareholders exposure to a diverse range of commodities including copper gold , silver and gemstones.
– The company has Twelve active exploration assets and two of these assets are at advanced exploration stages.


1) Zero Harm – Zero harm to our employees, the ecological environment and communities is key.

2) Respect and Dignity – Equal treatment and opportunity for all employees with transparent processes founded on dignity, respect and a deliberate drive to encourage a true sense of ownership.

3) Sustainability – Sustainable growth under pinned by safety, profitability and socially responsible business ethics designed to develop long-term resources.

4) Stakeholder Collaboration – Productive and ethical working relationships, transparent and responsive dialogue with surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

5) Excellence – A commitment to be sensitive to the dynamic culture of best business practices

To create growing  sustainable value for our stakeholders through the prudent application of best practices in mining and deliver on our commitment to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and the environment in the communities where we work.

To be recognized as a top-of-mind private mining company in the lap of Zambia, focused on growing sustainable production through technology, delivering on our commitments for excellence, valuing our employees and developing the communities where we operate in.