Kapiri Mposhi Project

The property within the Central province district in Zambia and is located in Kapiri Mposhi.  Geological surveys have been carried on the property in the past.  The project is still at general exploration stage. Multiple lead, manganese and zinc mines are operational within the Kapiri Mposhi region. Phase one general exploration proved occurrence of black tourmaline, cobalt and manganese.

Figure 1 below shows Kapiri Mposhi claim location:

The licence area is easily accessible by road with the Lusaka-Ndola high way passing through the centre of the claim.

The prospect covers an estimated 65 748Ha and is wholly owned by Magna Mining Ltd. See appendix one for the coordinate list.

Figure 2 below shows Kapiri Mposhi Licence 20617-HQ-LEL _Boundaries (red polygon below):

A total of five mines have been identified indicated by the red stars. These mines mainly extract Lead and Zinc.

Exploration Stage: General Exploration

Mineral resource Potential:

  • Gemstones: Black tourmaline has been mapped on surface from ancient pits within the prospect.
  • Cobalt: Anomalous geochemical values attained range from ~0.148%Co to 1.34%Co.
  • Manganese: Enriched anomalous laterites with ~1.30%% to 4.0% Mn have been mapped.

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